Terms and conditions


Membership to The NZ FPV & Tickford Owners’ Club Inc. is open to all owners of Ford Performance Vehicles, Falcon XR and Tickford Vehicles.

Membership fees are $75.00 to join (which takes you through to 31st March) and then $75.00 per year payable on or before March 31st each year.

  • A Tickford vehicle is any vehicle manufactured or performance enhanced by Tickford Vehicle Engineering at the factory
  • A Ford Performance Vehicle is any FPV vehicle from November 2002 onwards
  • XR refers to all Tickford XR’s and includes the BA XR range onwards.

Eligible Vehicles

  • All Falcon XR6 and XR8 sedans and utilities.
  • All EB and EL Falcon GTs.
  • All “T” Series Falcons.
  • All FPV vehicles.
  • SVO factory modified Ford Falcon vehicles.
  • All Mustangs from 2005 onwards.
  • Any other Ford Falcon from factory which includes modification to the motor or suspension including G6E Turbo and Non Turbo fitted by Ford, FPV or Tickford.

Vehicles not listed above can be eligible under the following criteria:

  • Any other Ford Performance Vehicle that has been enhanced at factory or authourised agent.